Specializing in Intellectual Property Law, the forerunner of HOKUTO PATENT ATTORNEYS OFFICE was founded in 1962 in Osaka by the late Mr. Choshichi Ishida, P.A.

The founder’s passion and dedication soon brought about a rapid expansion of the firm. The firm’s handling of cases still continues to steadily increase in number, and there is no better evidence of the confidence our clients put in our strong ability and quality service. And it is the long-standing, flourishing relationships with our clients that we are most proud of.

Over the years, the firm has also conducted substantial overseas work for our domestic clients, collaborating with patent attorneys worldwide in Europe, North and South America, and the Asia-Pacific region. The practice of the firm today includes the representation of foreign companies in obtaining patent and trademark protection in Japan.

Year of foundation 1962
Patent attorneys President  Yoshikiyo Nishikawa
Takeshi Sakaguchi , Yasutsugu Tanaka , Katsuhisa Mizujiri ,
Makoto Tanimizu , Yoshishige Takeo , Hiroo Ogawa ,
Makoto Nakao , Kazuki Nagahama , Toru Ii
Kaiki Hata
Number of employees about 60
Location JRE Umeda Square Building 9th Floor, Umeda 1-12-17 Kita-ku, Osaka-shi Osaka 530-0001, Japan
Tel 81-6-6345-7777
Fax 81-6-6344-0777
Mail fdpt@hokutopat.com


President Yoshikiyo Nishikawa

Patent Department Ⅰ(Electronics/Electrical Field)

Patent Department Ⅱ(Mechanical Field)

Patent Department Ⅲ(Chemical Field)

Translation Department

Drafting Department

Design Department

Trademark Department

Legal Administration Department

Accounting Department


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